Invisalign is an orthodontic straightening system that comes without the limitations or concerns related to traditional braces. In this treatment, a dentist uses clear, plastic, custom-made aligners uniquely designed for every patient. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove them anytime, but the best dentist recommends wearing them for 22 hours daily. Remove them for only two hours a day for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

After getting the best dental treatment in Newport Beach for Invisalign, you need to change them every two weeks. The aligners are personalized products that fit your dental treatment plan, giving you a beautiful and bright smile quickly and discreetly.

Most people still use other traditional methods to straighten their teeth. Still, they also inquire about this new treatment because Invisalign has some distinct benefits, such as being almost invisible. Moreover, patients can remove their trays anytime, eat anything they like, and maintain personal hygiene without issues.

Here Is The List Of Things For You To Know About How The Invisalign Process Works:

1. Consult With Your Orthodontist:

If you are considering getting Invisalign treatment, you must determine if it will suit you or not. Invisalign provides versatile benefits, but it will only work for some patients. A dentist must also check the patient's ability or willingness to keep the trays on for the entire day. This treatment is a bit more expensive than other procedures, so it is necessary to compare costs. You need an orthodontist to get treatment for Invisalign, not a general dentist.

2. Your Orthodontist Creates A Treatment Plan:

After deciding about getting Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist will take x-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth to examine your mouth condition. They will send this information to the Invisalign manufacturing company to manufacture the aligner as per the instructions. They will create a 3-D model for your teeth and make changes as needed. You will only get the invisalign if it fits you precisely.

3. Wait For Your Aligners:

The aligners usually take about a month to arrive at your dentist's office. You need to wait for them to come.

4. Wear Your Aligners:

After getting your aligner, your dentist will set them on your teeth. All the sockets on these aligners are different, so it is essential to wear them in a specific manner. An aligner is used for two weeks before your dentist changes it with another one. Each new aligner will make your teeth straighter as the treatment progresses. You can take off your aligners anytime to eat, drink, or brush.

5. Your Orthodontist Refines Your Smile:

After the completion of treatment, our dentist might advise you to wear the tray for more time if some teeth still need a few adjustments. Otherwise, they will remove trays from your mouth.

After your Invisalign Newport Beach treatment, you might notice positive changes in your facial structure. Your teeth adequately support your jaw, palate, face, lips, and cheeks. 

Keep smiling, as a beautiful smile can enhance the compliments your smile will get.